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1 Set ็พๅ ดๆผ”ๅ‡บ Live Performance

45ๅˆ†้˜็พๅ ดๆผ”ๅ‡บ
HKD 500.00
per package

้งๅ”ฑๆญŒๆ‰‹ Resident singer

1 hour

ๅฉš็ฆฎ้งๅ”ฑ๏ผˆ3 Set๏ผ‰

3ๅฐๆ™‚็พๅ ดๆผ”ๅ‡บ๏ผˆๅซไธญๅ ดไผ‘ๆฏ๏ผ‰
HKD 1500.00
per package

้งๅ”ฑๆญŒๆ‰‹ Resident singer

3 hour

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HKD 0.00
per package
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Resident Singer

HKD 100.00/song

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HKD 0.00
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HKD 800.00/song

Total Amount

HKD 0.00
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