To all Recoroad users and musicians:

We have recently noticed that some musicians have been bypassing the Recoroad platform and conducting transactions with customers on third-party platforms. Such behaviour is a serious violation of the user agreement between Recoroad, users, and musicians. We have immediately suspended and permanently removed the accounts of the musicians involved.

Prohibiting communication and transactions with Recoroad customers on third-party platforms is necessary to protect the integrity of our music services. Recoroad values equal opportunities and fair treatment on the platform, and we strive to uphold the interests of all musicians. In response to the mentioned incidents, we have promptly updated our system to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Recoroad platform ensures the protection of both customers and musicians in terms of pricing information, bargaining, payment, and service quality. We provide transparent and standardized pricing structures, allowing musicians to set prices for different services. This ensures that customers have access to clear and consistent pricing information, eliminating any confusion or ambiguity. As an open platform for communication and negotiation, musicians and customers can discuss project requirements, expectations, and other terms, facilitating a fair and regulated bargaining process between customers and musicians.

Recoroad hereby reiterates that conducting transactions through third-party communication software or websites is strictly prohibited. Users who violate this term will bear the responsibility, including but not limited to account suspension, removal, and compensation for any related losses incurred by the platform.

Recoroad is committed to providing a reliable and secure platform that facilitates connections, transactions, and collaborations in the music industry. Adhering to the user agreement and engaging within our platform will be an essential foundation for the development of our music community.

Thank you for your attention and understanding. Let's work together to establish a trusted music ecosystem in Hong Kong.

Recoroad Team